Garden State Paranormal Investigators

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          Who We Are & What We Do            

We are a small group of Paranormal Investigators/Researchers based out of Union NJ.  So the question is what is a ghost? A ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person, reflecting the appearance of his or her living body but less substantial. Ghosts may exist in a state of semi-awareness or be completely cognizant of their living observers. Also known as the "paranormal".  Anything beyond normal in this field is un-explained. What we do is investigate and use the de-bunking theory, which means try to prove the occurrence wrong. If we simply cannot find an explanation by trying to re-create the experience then we at GSPI will then label it "paranormal". It is taking a scientific approach to the situation. So in a nutshell we are not quick to say that the noise from the street or old creaking water pipes is a ghost. The road to paranormal research is never ending. If there weren't any groups like us we would all be left in the dark. That is why we do this so we can simply find more answers of the paranormal and educate our clients to keep them at ease. When we investigate a location we will set-up a "Headquarters" in the location where we prefer to have the homeowner stay with the investigator in charge and oversee the investigation. We will go over a game plan with everyone then go into the "Lights Out" mode, that is when all the lights go out. Following that we start the investigation off with finding base EMF readings & Temperatures of the location. At that point we will begin the Investigation. With knowledgeable Investigators from all walks of life we believe that if you do think your having a paranormal experience you should call us so we can research, and investigate and try to debunk what is going on. If you are having very serious activity that you think could be harmful to you or your loved ones especially children (we take child cases very seriously) contact us at once as you could unfortunately be have a demonic presence. Remember folks if you hear bumps in the night, doors opening and closing, lights/tv's turning on and off or just have a weird feeling chances are your calling yourself crazy. You are most likely not and are having a ghostly encounter!!